Vision and Mission

Xally makes AI more accessible through scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure. Built on Bitcoin Layer 2, we ensure transparency and trust in AI development, while our ecosystem enables effortless creation of advanced AI applications.

We're tackling three big challenges to get there:

  • AI Interface Challenge: Developing user-friendly interfaces and tools for seamless AI integration is crucial for organizations to meet users' functional needs while adapting to the evolving AI landscape.

  • AI Evaluation Gap: The growing disparity between AI advancement and the development of standardized evaluation methods is a significant challenge, with a lack of standardization and quality control in AI evaluation.

  • Scarcity of GPUs: The scarcity of GPUs poses difficulties for organizations seeking to fine-tune their own models to keep up with the evolving AI landscape.

Xally is a groundbreaking solution that tackles the challenges faced by the AI industry. By leveraging the Bitcoin network and integrating cutting-edge AI tools and frameworks, Xally provides a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers developers, businesses, and stakeholders to deploy AI applications on the blockchain with unparalleled simplicity and efficiency.

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