Xally Chain leverages advancements in Bitcoin Layer 2 to provide a comprehensive ecosystem that combines cutting-edge AI technology with the security and transparency of blockchain. Our platform's four-layered approach ensures a smooth and efficient experience for developers, businesses, and users, with the native $XALLY token being utilized for transaction fees, staking, and AI operations.

Layer 1: Infrastructure

Bitcoin L2 Infrastructure: The Bitcoin L2 infrastructure is built on a scalable and secure blockchain with a governance model driven by a native token economy. This infrastructure allows AI agents to operate efficiently and effectively, leveraging the blockchain's security and scalability for complex computations and large transaction volumes. The technical architecture supports advanced AI functionalities and enables the integration of AI into various applications.

Xally GPU: Xally, working closely with GPU providers, offers high-performance GPUs, such as the H100 and 4090, specifically designed for training AI agents and chatbots. These GPUs contribute to the processing power needed for intensive AI computations, allowing developers to build sophisticated AI models that process and analyze data quickly.

Layer 2: AI Resources

Layer 2 of our infrastructure is devoted to supplying an extensive range of AI resources designed exclusively for cryptocurrency applications, enabling innovation and enhancing user experiences as the crypto ecosystem progresses.

AI Model-as-a-Service

AI Model-as-a-Service (AIaaS) revolutionizes how organizations integrate, train, and deploy state-of-the-art AI models. By providing access to cutting-edge AI technologies through a flexible and efficient platform, AIaaS empowers AI teams to drive innovation and achieve significant performance improvements.

Through AIaaS, organizations can access pre-trained models, customize them to their needs, and deploy them efficiently, reducing infrastructure investments and development time.

AI Framework & Tools

We collaborate with top engineers to provide the best frameworks and tools that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Our AI framework includes tools such as calendars, email management, alerts, code interpretation, and advanced search capabilities. The Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) framework and our comprehensive AI evaluation framework are designed to enhance the functionality and integration of AI within the crypto space, making it easier for developers to implement and scale their applications.

LLM for Crypto

We offer a specialized LLM dedicated to cryptocurrency, powering a unique AI-driven search engine that caters specifically to the web3 environment. This engine excels in gathering information from various social channels, including tweets and audio from Twitter Spaces, using advanced speech-to-text transcription to process voice data. By leveraging our LLMs, the engine can extract valuable insights from both text and voice data, providing a search experience that dives deep into the nuances of decentralized finance.

Together, these resources form a robust AI ecosystem that is specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of the cryptocurrency sector, ensuring that developers and users alike can leverage AI to achieve superior outcomes in their crypto-related endeavors.

Layer 3: AI Agents for Crypto

AI resources are necessary but not sufficient for building a high-quality application. To improve accuracy, reduce hallucination, and increase the power of an application, AI agents are needed. AI agent workflows will likely drive significant AI progress this year, potentially even more than the next generation of foundation models. This is a crucial trend that everyone working in AI should pay attention to.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, AI agents are essential for enhancing application functionality and decision-making accuracy. The third layer of our infrastructure focuses on deploying specialized AI agents for various crypto-related tasks, such as market analysis and smart contract auditing. These agents not only perform individual tasks but also collaborate in complex, multi-agent operations.

AI Agents

Our pre-built agents are designed to take on specialized roles, such as researchers, marketers, and automated traders. For example, a "Project Analyzer" agent can analyze a cryptocurrency project's whitepaper, extract key insights, and summarize important points. This is valuable for investors and developers who need to quickly understand new initiatives. Agents can also automate routine tasks like setting smart alerts or assisting in trading, improving productivity and decision-making in the volatile crypto market. Other potential agents include a Smart Contract Auditor and a News/Insights Aggregator.

Multi-agent Collaboration

The real power of AI agents in the cryptocurrency context lies in multi-agent collaboration. This involves prompting different LLMs to take on specialized roles for various components of a task, similar to a team of experts working on a larger project. For instance, one agent might focus on data gathering, another on analysis, and another on execution, such as trading. This division of labor allows for more refined and accurate outputs, as each agent builds on its iterative learning and specific expertise.

Agents can also recall past interactions, enhancing their performance over time and enabling more sophisticated planning and tool use. The complex interaction of these agents results in a system where continuous communication and adjustment drive the successful completion of complex tasks.

Layer 4: Application

The top layer serves as the practical application tier, transforming theoretical AI capabilities into tangible, real-world use cases within the cryptocurrency sector.

AI dApps

This component is crucial for developers ranging from individuals to small teams who aim to build decentralized applications. Leveraging prebuilt components and advanced AI resources, our infrastructure enables the rapid development and deployment of dApps. These applications can harness the full potential of AI to operate autonomously, interact with smart contracts, and provide innovative services directly to users in the crypto ecosystem. Our platform ensures that even those with limited resources can access cutting-edge technology to build and scale their applications efficiently.


Xally’s launchpad acts as a springboard for AI projects, providing them with access to crowdsourced global funding and a network of AI professionals. This initiative is designed to accelerate the development lifecycle of projects by connecting innovators with the capital and expertise they need to bring their ideas to fruition. The launchpad not only supports the technical aspects of AI projects but also aids in navigating the complex regulatory and economic landscapes of the crypto world.


The foundation of any thriving ecosystem is its community, and our platform fosters a space where individuals can share technical expertise, experiences, and resources. This collaborative environment enhances collective learning and problem-solving, enabling both newcomers and veterans in the cryptocurrency community to leverage each other's strengths. Collaborative marketing efforts within the community also amplify the reach and impact of individual projects, creating synergies that benefit the entire ecosystem.

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