What is gXALLY?

gXALLY stands as a testament to the commitment and efforts of Xally.ai node operators, functioning as an exclusive reward token within our ecosystem. Its distinguishing feature lies in the ability to convert gXALLY into XALLY tokens, thereby integrating these rewards seamlessly into the broader XALLY ecosystem and enhancing their value.

Token Information

  • Total Node Supply: The gXALLY ecosystem is fueled by a substantial pool of 204,000,000 gXALLY tokens, dedicated to rewarding node operators for their pivotal role in the network.

Use Case

gXALLY is more than just a token; it's a symbol of recognition for the dedication of node operators. It stands out with its unique convertibility feature, allowing operators to transform their earned gXALLY into XALLY tokens, thus weaving their rewards into the fabric of the thriving XALLY ecosystem.

How to Earn gXALLY Tokens

Becoming a beneficiary of gXALLY tokens through running Xally.ai nodes. Here are key strategies to maximize your gXALLY earnings:

  • Expand Your Nodes: Operating multiple nodes increases your chances of earning more gXALLY tokens.

  • Early Engagement: The initial 30-day period is crucial as 22,000,000 gXALLY tokens are up for grabs. Post this phase, the distribution amount diminishes by 9.91% every 30 days, making early participation highly advantageous.

  • Continuous Operation: To ensure a steady flow of rewards, nodes should be operational continuously. Utilizing a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is recommended for uninterrupted node activity, as rewards are tallied on an hourly basis.

By engaging early, expanding your node operations, and ensuring continuous activity, you can optimize your gXALLY earnings and contribute significantly to the Xally.ai ecosystem. Embrace the journey of a node operator and watch your efforts translate into valuable assets within the Xally.ai community.

Convert gXALLY to XALLY

The exact duration for calculating the maturity period of gXALLY before its conversion to XALLY has yet to be determined and will be confirmed shortly.

  • 0 to 14 days: gXALLY accrued within this interval is not eligible for conversion.

  • 15 to 89 days: gXALLY accumulated during this period can be exchanged for XALLY at a ratio of 1:0.25 (1 gXALLY for 0.25 XALLY).

  • 90 to 179 days: gXALLY can be converted at a ratio of 1:0.625.

  • 180 days and beyond: The conversion ratio improves to 1:1.

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