Welcome to the Node Referral Program, where you can enhance your rewards by referring new participants to the ecosystem.

For every node purchase you successfully refer, enjoy a 5% commission rate which is instantly transferred to your Solana (in $SOL)/Arbitrum (in $ETH) wallet address, providing an immediate boost to your rewards. Also, offers a 5% discount to the person you refer, making it a win-win for both parties.


  • For Referrers: Receive a 5% commission in $ETH and $SOL for each node purchase made through your referral link, instantly transferred to your Arbitrum/Solana wallet.

  • For Referees: Enjoy a 5% discount on their purchase, applied immediately at the time of transaction.

How to Participate

  1. Obtain Your Referral Link:

    • Navigate to the Referral tab:

    • Connect your Solana/Arbitrum wallet to the platform.

    • Copy your unique referral link to your clipboard.

Note: Do not confuse your Referral link with your API key. Your API Key is used to log to Node Client to run nodes

  1. Spread the Word:

  • Share your referral link through your network, social media, or any platform where potential node purchasers might be.

  1. Earning Your Rewards:

  • When someone uses your referral link to access the node purchase page and completes a transaction, they receive a 5% discount.

  • Concurrently, 5% of their total bill is immediately and directly sent to your Solana wallet as your referral reward.

Tips for Successful Referral

  • Share your experiences and the benefits of being part of the ecosystem to add value to your referrals.

  • Utilize various platforms to share your referral link, including social media, blogs, forums, and direct communication.

  • Keep track of your referrals and rewards through your account to measure your referral program's success.

Join the Referral Program today and start expanding your network within the thriving community, all while earning substantial rewards.

Happy referring!

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