Xally ecosystem provides a seamless and efficient environment for developers, businesses, and users. Our native XALLY token facilitates transactions, staking, and AI operations, reinforcing its role as the essential fuel of the ecosystem.

For XALLY Holders:

  1. Governance: XALLY token holders can participate in the governance process of the Xally ecosystem by voting on important decisions and proposals, shaping the future direction.

  2. Staking Rewards: By staking their XALLY tokens, holders can earn rewards from various dApps within the Xally ecosystem, incentivizing active participation and token holding.

  3. Priority Access: Holding XALLY tokens grants early access and special privileges for new projects launched on AIstarter, providing a head start on new investment opportunities.

  4. Boosting: Receive token allocation boosting on projects launchpad at AIstarter.

  5. Fee Discounts: Owners of XALLY tokens enjoy reduced fees on all dApps created by the Xally team, making it more cost-effective to use these applications.

XALLY Utilities and Use Cases:

As the first AI-focused launchpad on Web3, Xally provides a platform not only for launching AI projects but also for accessing AI resources, significantly expanding the token's applicability throughout the AI development process.

  1. Xally Chain Transactions: Users can pay gas fees on the Xally Chain using XALLY tokens, streamlining operations within the ecosystem.

  2. Xally dApps Currency: XALLY serves as the currency for dApps developed by the Xally team, enabling seamless transactions across the network, including paying subscription package for Xally Agents

  3. AI Model Access and GPU Power: Access powerful LLM models and GPU resources to train or fine-tune AI models, using XALLY to cover computational costs.

  4. Pre-built AI Agents: Developers can utilize pre-built AI agents, which are in high demand due to the ease they bring to AI development, to create their own dApps within the Xally ecosystem.

By leveraging the XALLY token, users can seamlessly participate in the Xally ecosystem, access AI resources, and benefit from the various utilities and incentives offered, fostering innovation and growth within the Web3 AI landscape.

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