Xally Agents

Beta Version

Effortlessly create and integrate personalized AI agents for companionship, automating workflows, and more—no coding skills required.

The beta version of Xally AI Agent Builder is now live on our testnet, bringing you a chance to explore and create AI Agents in a whole new way. This launch showcases the exciting new features and subscription packages available to users on our platform.

1. Features

  • Chat with System AI Agents: Engage with a range of 12 AI Agents that specialize in various professional domains. These Agents have been carefully crafted by experts using the Xally AI Agent Builder, giving you access to high-quality interactions.

  • Create Your Agent: Customize your own AI Agents using the Xally AI Agent Builder. This feature is available to users who subscribe to the Experience package.

2. Subscription Packages: Freebie & Experience

Users can choose between two subscription packages: Freebie and Experience. Both options offer unique opportunities to test out the Xally AI Agent Builder and engage with system AI Agents.


  • Cost: Free

  • Target Users: Users logging in with EVM, Solana, or Unisat wallets.

  • Description:

    • Chat with system AI Agents.

    • Limited to 20 messages per user per day.

    • Cannot create custom AI Agents.


  • Cost: 2.99 $XALLY Testnet/month

  • Target Users: Only available to users logging in with an EVM wallet.

  • Description:

    • Unlimited creation of custom AI Agents.

    • Chat with system AI Agents and your own custom AI Agents.

    • Capacity: 4.5 billion AP per month.

Important Subscription Guidelines

  • Testing on Testnet: Currently, the subscription packages are on testnet only. Users can claim free $XALLY tokens from the Xally faucet to unlock packages, effectively allowing free access to the subscriptions for one month.

  • Wallet Compatibility: Users logging in with Solana and Unisat wallets can only access the Freebie package and cannot upgrade to Experience. Purchasing the Experience package requires an EVM wallet.

  • Agent Preservation: Users who downgrade from Experience to Freebie will retain their previously created AI Agents, but they will no longer be able to interact with them.

  • Subscription Purchases:

    • Subscriptions are purchased on the Xally chain using $XALLY as the payment method.

    • Subscriptions are valid for 30 days from the time of purchase. Once expired, users revert to the Freebie package and must visit the Pricing page to purchase another subscription if desired.

    • Refunds are not available.

With the beta version of Xally AI Agent Builder live on testnet, we're excited to see how you leverage the power of AI in your interactions and creations!

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