Running Nodes

You can choose between Running Xally Nodes yourself or Delegate the node operation to Xally for 24/7 management for a fee.

Learn about Delegation here:


The Node Client is a software application that allows you to participate in the network by running nodes. By running nodes, you can also earn rewards in the form of gXALLY tokens.This guide provides step-by-step instructions on installing and running the Node Client on your personal computer:

  • Running Node on Windows

  • Running Node on Linux

Note that: Running Node on the macOS will be available soon.

If your computer doesn't meet the requirements for running Node as outlined in the "Check System Requirements" section or you're using a macOS device, we highly recommend using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as a powerful alternative.

pageRunning Nodes on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  1. Check System Requirements

Ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Node smoothly and efficiently:

For Windows:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later

  • Minimum hardware requirements

    • CPU: 2 cores

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Hard Drive Space: 40GB

    For Linux:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 x64

  • Minimum hardware requirements

    • CPU: 2 cores

    • RAM: 4GB

    • Hard Drive Space: 40GB

  1. Download and Install the Node Client

    Download the Node Client

    Click on the downloaded file and proceed with the installation. Once installed, launch the Xally Node Client software.

  2. Activate the Node Client

    This step connects your wallet address, where you purchased your nodes, to the Node Client software using an API key.

  • Open the Node Client software on your computer. Paste the copied API key and click "Activate".

Upon activation, the main screen will display all the nodes you've purchased.

  1. Run node

  • Click "Run All" to start all your purchased nodes. You will see the first gXALLY update within the next hour.

  • gXALLY will be updated hourly.

  • If you purchase additional nodes using the same wallet address, they will automatically start running on the Node Client software without any further action required.

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