Delegation introduces a convenient option where you can assign the task of running node to Xally, freeing you from operating it on your client.

Benefits you receive:

  • Keep your node running 24/7 without interruption.

  • Decrease the costs associated with running the node independently.

How does the Delegation work?

When you delegate the task of running your node to Xally, your node stops operating on your client and is handled by Xally for node operation. You will be logged out of the Node Client and moved to Delegation mode.Xally will then charge you a fee equivalent to 0.1% of the minted gXally generated from the delegation. This fee helps Xally maintain the necessary infrastructure for node operation.

How to Delegate?

  • Visit the Delegation page:

  • Click the button "Delegate Xally" and verify by signing the message.

  • Once you confirm, Xally will take over the node operation on your behalf.

You can cancel the Delegation at any time by clicking "Cancel" on the Delegation page. When you cancel, your nodes will stop running, and minting gXally will be paused. To restart your nodes, click "Run all" on the client if you prefer to manage them yourself, or click "Delegate Xally" to continue having Xally run them.

Delegation Management

Once you delegate to Xally, the Delegation page will display a dashboard to track the activity of your node operation. It includes the following information:

  • Node: Shows the current number of your active nodes.

  • Earning: Displays your net gXally balance earned after deducting the delegation fee.

    • Total earning = total minted gXally from both client and delegation minus the delegation fee.

    • Earnings are recalculated and updated hourly.

  • Delegation fee: Indicates the total fee incurred for using the Delegation feature.

    • Delegation fee = 0.1% * total minted gXally generated from the Delegation.

  • The table provides a comprehensive list of your nodes, including:

    • Status: The current running status of each node.

    • Running time: The total duration each node has been active, counting both client and delegation.

    • Earnings: Total gXally each node has earned from both client and delegation, after deducting the delegation fee.

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