Technical Requirements

Q1: What is an API key, and how is it used in the Xally.ai ecosystem?

  • An API key in the Xally.ai ecosystem is a unique identifier that securely links your node client account to your digital wallet. This key enables authenticated operations, facilitating secure transactions and efficient management of node configurations.

Q2: How does the API key differ from a referral link?

  • An API key is used for secure technical interactions and access control within the Xally.ai network, whereas a referral link is used for promotional purposes, designed to track and incentivize new participants in the Node Sale by offering rewards or discounts.

Q3: Is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) required to run a node?

  • While not required, using a VPS can optimize the performance of your node by providing a stable and continuous environment. This is ideal for maximizing the efficiency of gXALLY token mining 24/7.

Purchasing and Pricing

Q4: Can I purchase more than one node?

  • Yes, participants are allowed to purchase multiple nodes. Owning multiple nodes can potentially increase your earnings from mining gXALLY tokens and enhance your influence within the Xally.ai ecosystem.

Q5: What are the different pricing tiers for nodes, and how do they work?

  • The Node Sale is structured into multiple pricing tiers to reward early adopters and manage demand. The first tier offers the lowest price, limited to a specific number of nodes. As nodes sell out, the price increases with each subsequent tier.

Q6: How quickly do tiers change, and will I be notified before a change?

  • Tiers change based on the pace of the sale. Once all nodes in the current tier are sold, the sale moves to the next tier. Participants are encouraged to monitor the Node Sale actively and can follow our channels for updates on tier changes.

Promotional Details

Q7: Can I use multiple referral codes if I purchase more than one node?

  • Typically, one referral code is used per node purchase. If purchasing multiple nodes, different referral codes can be used for each transaction to maximize the benefits.

Operational Guidelines

Q8: How are the earnings from a node calculated and distributed?

  • Earnings are calculated based on the node’s uptime and its active participation in the network. gXALLY tokens are distributed proportionally to nodes based on their contribution to network tasks.

Q9: What strategies should I consider to make the most out of the tiered pricing and referral program?

  • To maximize benefits, consider purchasing your node early to take advantage of lower prices and encourage friends or colleagues to join early using your referral link. This strategy helps build the community and increases your rewards.

Q10: How can I ensure my node is running optimally?

  • Keep your node software up to date, monitor your system's health regularly, and consider the use of a reliable VPS provider to minimize latency and ensure consistent operation.

Q11: Are there any geographical restrictions on who can purchase a node?

  • Node purchases are available globally, but participants must comply with local regulations regarding cryptocurrency transactions and investments.

General Benefits

Q12: What are the benefits of running a node on Xally.ai?

  • Running a node contributes to the decentralization and security of the network, rewards operators with gXALLY tokens for their contributions, and enhances the robustness of AI services, ensuring a reliable platform for all users.

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