Our journey begins with leveraging the Bitcoin L2 infrastructure for a secure and transparent platform, essential for user and developer trust.

Currently: We are proud of our first product built on Xally Chain, Xally Agents, enabling users to create personalized AI assistants using top-tier models, simplifying complex AI technologies.

Medium-term: We focus on scaling our application layer, aiming for milestones like dApps built on Xally Chain and 500k active wallets this year. We plan to expand our ecosystem by welcoming more developers and builders, enhancing applications on Xally, and broadening the use of our native $XALLY token.

Long-term: Our goal is to develop advanced AI models, specifically creating an LLM for crypto applications, showcasing our innovative approach.


  • Showcase Xally Agent beta version

  • Xally Chain Testnet

  • Launchpad IDO


  • Onboard at least 3 dApps on Xally Chain with 200K active wallets:

    • Xally Agent: a platform to simplify creating agent chatbot for everyone.

    • AI Foundry: a platform where users can create, share, and discover AI-generated content and AI models, and establish a way to monetize creations through the NFT marketplace.

    • ArtCanvas: the revolutionary AI Art Generator application.

  • AI Agent for Crypto Research

  • AI Model-as-a-Service (AIaaS): provide customization options for businesses to tailor models to their needs.


  • Grow to 10 dApps on Xally Chain with 500K active wallets.

  • Multi-Agent Collaboration.

2025 and Beyond

  • Grow to 100 dApps on Xally Chain with more than 1M active wallets.

  • AI Agent for Smart Contracts development and auditing.

  • LLMs tailored for the Crypto industry.

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