gXALLY Earnings

gXALLY Earning Mechanism

The gXALLY token earning mechanism is meticulously designed to reward Xally.ai Node operators for their significant contributions to the network. Below is an updated breakdown of how the rewards are structured:

Total Node Supply: The total supply dedicated to node operation is 204,000,000 gXALLY tokens.

Initial Distribution: In the first 30 days, a total of 22,000,000 gXALLY tokens are allocated for distribution among node operators.

Decreasing Allocation: Every 30 days, the amount of gXALLY allocated for distribution decreases by 9.91%. This structured decrease ensures an efficient and planned depletion of the supply, with all tokens expected to be mined within 24 months.

Reward Calculation for Each Node:

  • Hourly Calculations: Rewards are calculated on an hourly basis to ensure fairness and transparency.

  • Total gXALLY Hourly: The total gXALLY allocated for a 30-day period is divided by 720 (the number of hours in 30 days) to determine the hourly gXALLY distribution.

  • Hourly Distribution per Node: At the end of each hour, a snapshot is taken to determine the duration each node has been active during that hour, measured in minutes. The gXALLY tokens are then distributed proportionally based on the active minutes of each node within that hour.

This reward mechanism ensures a fair and proportional distribution of gXALLY tokens to Node operators, incentivizing continuous and sustained support for the Xally.ai network. By structuring the token release over a concise timeframe, Xally.ai aims to rapidly bolster network growth and stability.

Estimated Rewards

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