Node Owner's Benefits

Investing in and running a Node comes with a suite of benefits designed to reward your contribution and engagement:

  • gXALLY Rewards: Earn gXALLY tokens as a direct reward for the time and resources your node contributes to the network.

  • Airdrops: Enjoy exclusive airdrops, giving you access to additional rewards simply for being a node owner.

  • Revenue Sharing: Participate in revenue sharing, where a portion of the earnings generated by the ecosystem is distributed among node owners, aligning your success with that of the entire network.

  • Referral Commission: For every node purchase you successfully refer, enjoy a 5% commission rate which is instantly transferred to your Solana (in $SOL)/Arbitrum (in $ETH) wallet address, providing an immediate boost to your rewards.

Becoming a Node owner not only positions you at the forefront of AI and blockchain innovation but also integrates you into a community-driven culture thriving on creativity, freedom, and innovation.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized technology and reap the rewards of your contribution.

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